Our Process

Building a custom home is easier than you think.

1. Finding a Homesite

Whether you have already purchased a homesite, or are considering a few different homesites in the San Antonio and Hill Country area, our team is happy to accompany you in your evaluation process. Free of cost, we perform lot consultations for our potential clients. Applying our expertise, we provide you with feedback about the lot's topography, size, and layout. We then gauge how each of these components might affect your personal construction costs.

Through our free lot consultation, Lifestyle by Stadler desires potential clients to feel confident, knowledgable, and excited about the homesite they choose to purchase! Finding the perfect homesite is only the start of building your custom home, but we hope to build the beginnings of a trusting relationship with you.

2. Planning & Designing

When entering into the planing and designing phase of your home, the Lifestyle by Stadler team is dedicated to meet you where you're at in the process. If you already have developed plans, we can start making selections, estimations, and bids! If you do not have developed plans, we are happy to connect you with a list of of accomplished architects! Once you enter into a design agreement, we can accompany you at architect meetings, performing detailed reviews of your home and asking plenty of questions to ensure your needs are met. Whether your plans are already developed or you are just getting started, our goal remains the same: to help you maintain your desired style and budget.

3. Financing

With your plans, specifications, budget, and signed contract in place, we will submit documentation for interim financing. While we wait for your loan to be approved, our team will submit your house plans and handle the neighborhood consent process. Once all of these things are complete, we are ready to clear the lot and start building your dream custom home!

4. Construction

Our Lifestyle by Stadler construction team is one of the most experienced teams in Texas. We are on the cutting edge of custom home construction with extensive checkpoints throughout multiple stages of construction. All of our homes are built with highly rated contractors and only the finest construction materials. From slab pour to completion, our construction time is usually 8-10 months. However, the length of time can vary depending on the size and layout of the home. As we build, you can rest assured that quality and speed are always at the forefront of our minds.

Client View of Builder Trend Progress Tracker

Streamlined Communication

Throughout our entire process, we collaborate with you using a software called BuilderTrend. This software streamlines our communication and allows you to track the progress of your home.

BuilderTrend can be accessed by downloading the official app HERE or by logging in on your computer! Your builder and sales rep will post weekly pictures, forms, selections and more using the app.

Who We Are

We currently build homes in the San Antonio and surrounding Hill Country Area in the $500,000 and up price range. We pride ourselves in working closely with clients to capture their desires in a custom home, while living within the realities of budget constraints.