Building a custom home is easier than you think.

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Lifestyle by Stadler

Welcome to Lifestyle by Stadler, your No. 1 San Antonio custom home builder. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest level of quality, creativity, and simplicity in the Texas Hill Country.


Build On Your Lot

As a San Antonio custom home builder with 25 years of experience, we have built over 300 custom homes in a variety of premier neighborhood communities throughout the San Antonio area. Whether you want to build on your lot or need help finding a homesite in a San Antonio area community, Lifestyle by Stadler is here for you. Check out the communities we are currently building in and recommend for your viewing!


Quality, Creativity, & Simplicity

While living within the realities of your life, budget, and time constraints, Lifestyle by Stadler will work closely with you to capture all your wants and needs in your new custom home. Our typical price range is $500,000 and up with a construction time of 8-12 months. Let us prove to you, building a custom home is easier than you think.


San Antonio Custom Home Builder

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Client Reviews

Very creative builders. Great quality construction and the whole team is with you from beginning through to warranty. They are a very honest company who takes care of the client and trades. I would highly recommend Stadler to any friends and family!

Shawn SmithHomeowner

We are glad to highly recommend Stadler Custom Homes to anyone interested in having a Home built in the San Antonio or Hill Country areas.

Trixie MilazzoHomeowner

Some of the best design and built homes I have seen the way they use the land and the surroundings. If you get a chance visit one of there homes my next home will be a Stadler Home!

Roland BensonHomeowner

Attention to detail and expert workmanship! For high-end Custom Homes, there is no better option!

Travis EllisHomeowner

San Antonio Custom Home Builder

Lifestyle By Stadler in San Antonio brings a full range of residential home construction and maintenance services such as managing construction, project design, acquiring proper licenses, and implementing home improvements. Plus, we work closely with homeowners to ensure you build the home of your dreams.

Our team incorporates the latest technology in home building and custom designs. So if you fancy any of our latest models or looking to have your concept home makeover, we can do it for you. One of the reasons that set us apart from most San Antonio builders is how we approach our clients. Every step is intricate as we work hand-in-hand with the homeowner. Of course, we understand you might have a busy schedule, and we’ll be glad to do the entire process with our team. You’ll receive regular updates as we proceed to the next steps.

Let’s Start Building

Lifestyle By Stadler offers high-quality home building packages for traditional and modular stick frame construction. Whether you have an eye for luxury or looking to house a growing family, our team of San Antonio builders will do it. We bring unique and innovative floor plans and materials to help you create your lifetime dream.

Working With Lifestyle By Stadler Is So Easy!

In line with our vision, we have simplified the home buying process for San Antonio residents. Our 3-step approach to creating your dream home includes:

Schedule A Consultation

Once you have a rough concept of the type of home you want to buy, give us a call and schedule a viewing or in-person meeting. Don’t worry if you’re blank. Our experienced builders will provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

Meet In Person

Our team will schedule an appointment to discuss more in person. We’ll discuss financing options, floor plans, ownership goals, features, and more.

Build Your Dream Home

We’ll discuss and sign a contract, start the construction process, do a few pre-closing meetings, and have regular updates as we move.

Why Build With Us?

Our home building and design approach use quality customer service in line with today’s technological advances to help San Antonio residents build their dream on a solid foundation.

We have assisted plenty of clients to acquire homes, and some come back for better deals. Clients choose us because:

We have more than 25 years of experience designing and acquiring homes. We have honed our skills in identifying quality finishes and building materials throughout the years.

Our amazing team of San Antonio high-quality builders has what it takes to bring your dream house to life. They have all the certification and creative mindset to develop any design you get.

We have an easy home-building process. The process of home building doesn’t have to be dizzying. At Lifestyle By Stadler, we make sure you spend the least time worrying about building your new home. We break down the process into simple steps, making the building process fast.

We have built over 300 custom homes in a wide range of premium locations around the San Antonio area.

Build On Your Lot

Have a piece of land you want to build on? Perfect! We don’t change our process as we can build on any plot of land. All we need to do is a new survey and develop a concept and design process to make it easy to build a home.

Design Studio

We understand that customers want to brainstorm ideas. You can come with your own designer or use one of our top recommended creatives.

Our recommended San Antonio home designers have the skills and professionalism to convert your dream into success. You can decide to start from scratch or select one of our trendy templates and customize it to your liking.

Plenty Of Options

If you are searching for a luxurious getaway home or a family home with extra garage space for your cars, then you’re in the right place! We are super excited to work with you. Our main aim is to make high-quality homes for a wide selection of floor plans.

When you step into our offices, you’ll never run out of ideas. From the finish colors, materials used, and brands, you will have plenty of choices to make. We have earned trust and respect as one of the top builders in San Antonio. Whatever dream you have, we can make it a reality!

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Ready to build your dream home? Call or contact us to schedule an appointment. We will be thrilled to serve you.