Our Process

Building a custom home

is easier than you think.


Phase 1: Pre-Design

Item No. 01


Meet the Lifestyle team, plus discover all your wants & needs fit to your lifestyle and budget.

Item No. 02

Homesite Analysis

Benefit from our years of experience with a complimentary lot consult. Gain insight on your homesite’s topography, views, exposure & potential construction costs.

Item No. 03


Connect you with the right lender & manage the interim financing on your behalf.

Phase 2: Design

Item No. 01

Design Agreement

Discuss plans for a design agreement – a mutual consensus to work as a team with your architect, designer, and our Lifestyle staff from start to contract.

Item No. 02

Architect & Designer Match

Introduce you to our accomplished architect and designer contacts based on your desired style and budget.

Item No. 03

Plan Design

Begin architect & design meetings! To ensure your vision is accomplished, we are heavily involved in all architectural meetings.

Item No. 04

Specifications Meeting

With architectural plans & preliminary selections complete, we will meet for a detailed review.

Item No. 05

Create Proposal

Bid & estimate all costs based on detailed specifications meeting.

Item No. 06

Present Proposal

In-depth review of all costs.

Item No. 07


Review & sign all paperwork to start building your dream home.

How to Design a Custom Home

Check out our step by step vlog series to learn how to design your custom home! The vlog features one of our recommended designers, Lori Munn of Mindful Designing.

Design Process

Phase 3: Pre-Construction

Item No. 01

Submit Loan

Submit documents for interim financing.

Item No. 02

ACC/HOA Submittals

We will submit your plans and handle the approval process in your neighborhood.

Item No. 03

Pre-Construction Review

Lifestyle team meets to review all documents and details before final meeting with you.

Item No. 04

Pre-Construction Meeting

Review plans & specifications with you one more time.

Phase 4: Construction Begins!

Construction Process

Lifestyle by Stadler takes great pride in constructing high quality custom

homes. Check out our entire construction process video series to learn how

we set ourselves a part in the San Antonio custom home builder market.

Construction Process