Lifestyle by Stadler is an amazing San Antonio Customer Home Builder. Not only are their homes beautiful and made with great quality, their staff is even better. Their attention to detail is unmatched and the care for their customers is evident. If you are looking for a San Antonio custom home builder that will give you the time and attention you need, this is the company!


Alyssa Pierce, 2021

Lifestyle by Stadler did an Excellent job in the Building of our Home. They were very honest from Ray Stadler on down. Jason Rudewick in particular did an excellent job as Construction manager and is a very honest and personable person. Katie Rodriguez also did excellent work on our behalf. We are glad to highly recommend Lifestyle by Stadler Custom Homes to anyone interested in having a Home built in the San Antonio or Hill Country areas.


Trixie Milazzo, Cordillera Ranch

Lifestyle by Stadler is by far the best San Antonio custom home builder. Not only will you attain the home of your dreams, but you will also be comforted by a personable staff every step of the way. I highly recommend this extraordinary company!


Rachael Reddy, 2021

Attention to detail and expert workmanship! For high-end Custom Homes, there is no better option!


Travis Ellis, 2018

Unmatched in quality and service.


Dave Isaacs, 2018

Some of the best design and built homes I have seen the way they use the land and the surroundings. If you get a chance visit one of there homes my next home will be a Stadler Home!


Rolan Benson, 2017


We have been in our Lifestyle by Stadler custom home for 17 years and still love it like it was new. Ray and his crew are always available for ideas and updates and we still get the discounts at some of his suppliers like a new home buyer. highly recommend his design team and the builder superintendents who are constantly available to assist. follow up after the warrantee has expired, is the difference between good builders and great.


Dan & Lorelei Lord, 2021

I have known and worked with Lifestyle by Stadler Custom Homes, for more than 20 years, they have been excellent to work with, the execution of the projects that we worked on, are incredible. Ray Stadler has a great eye and he is very talented not just in building an amazing home, he also brings many ideas to the table to make the project even more exciting. The service that they provide during and after the construction it’s excellent. I am looking forward to continue our relationship for many years to come.


Gustavo Arredondo, Award Winning Architect

Our new home fully met and exceeded our expectations! Stadler’s team focus on customer service and product quality was exceptional.


Michael Pillow, 2015

Building Homes & Relationships

01. Research

We bring years of experience to bear in finding the right homesite and accompany you in discovering your dream home. Free of cost, we perform lot consultations for our potential clients.

02. Design

If you already have developed plans, we can start making selections, estimations, and bids! If you do not have developed plans, we are happy to connect you with a list of accomplished architects!

03. Develop

Our construction team is one of the most experienced teams in Texas. We are on the cutting edge of custom home construction with extensive checkpoints throughout multiple stages of construction.