How to Design a

Custom Home

Designing a custom home can be an overwhelming task. So, here at Lifestyle by Stadler we want to provide our clients with as much upfront information as possible on “how to design a custom home.” CLICK HERE to access our full design process vlog where we take you through every step. Check it out!

Part 1: Introduction

Get to know one of our recommended designers, Lori Munn of Mindful Designing!

Part 2: First Meeting

Watch this video before your first design appointment and come ready with inspiration pictures of your dream exterior, kitchen, and master bath!

Part 3: Expressions

With preliminary selections in place, you and Lori take a trip to Expressions Home Gallery – realize your creative vision and find just the right premium, high-end appliances as well as plumbing hardware and fixtures.

Part 4: Countertops & Cabinets

Now it’s time to pick countertops and cabinets, using two of our favorite trades, Triton Stone Group and Benedettini Cabinets.

Part 5: Lighting

Last, but definitely not least, you and Lori will visit Lighting Inc.

How to Design a Custom Home

How to Design a Custom Home

How to Design a Custom Home

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