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Lifestyle by Stadler Interviews Designer Lori Munn of Mindful Designing

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Lifestyle by Stadler Interviews Designer Lori Munn of Mindful Designing

On today’s blog, we interview Lori Munn of Mindful Designing. Lori is one of Lifestyle by Stadler’s recommended designers. Once our clients enter into a design agreement, Lori takes them through the process of picking out all the selections for their home. Many of our employees and clients have worked with Lori for numerous years and always love her work. She is experienced, intuitive, creative, and relationship-oriented. We decided to do this piece on Lori so our clients can learn more about her, as well as the design phase in the custom home building process.

San Antonio Custom Home Designer, Lori Munn

Questions and Answers

1. How did you discover your love for design?

Answer: Growing up, my dad was in the Military; so, I was very blessed to live abroad in places such as Turkey, Belgium, and Hawaii. I did not live in America until I was 16! Living abroad, I was exposed to beautiful architecture at a young age because my school field trips normally involved visiting castles! It was because of these experiences, I developed a love and passion for design.

2. How did design become your career?

Answer: So, believe it or not, I actually started out thinking I was going to be a P.E. Coach but design opportunities just began falling in my lap. I started out by shadowing a designer, who gave me real hands on experience and shaped the beginning of my career. I also ended up doing the commercial residential program at St. Mary’s. From then to now, my career opportunities have truly come from a knock at my door, every-time. This career was just meant to be for me and I am very thankful.

3. What is your favorite part about your job?

Answer: My favorite part about my job is definitely seeing everything come to life for my clients and seeing the smile on their faces! I also love establishing a connection with my clients that first meeting as I really try to listen and bring all their ideas and inspiration together.

Lifestyle Stadler with Interior Designer Lori Munn  Lifestyle Stadler with Interior Designer Lori Munn

4. In your own words, can you explain your process with the client?

Answer: So, how I approach the process is having the client do some homework upfront. I have them provide me with their inspirations for the kitchen, master bathroom, and the exterior. This helps me get on the same page as them and really get a feel for what they going for in their home. Normally, my clients are trying to create a peaceful space. As a designer, it is easy to to get distracted on what’s glittery rather than what the client actually wants. Which is actually how I came up with my company name, “Mindful Designing.” I am diligent to always be mindful of what the client is actually saying as we begin creating their home together.

5. What are some current trends you are seeing?

Answer: Bringing the outdoors in has been a huge trend recently. Especially with COVID-19, we have to spend so much time inside that people are really wanting to maximize their use of plants and organic materials. Our senses really enjoy texture, especially in organic elements. We are also seeing a trend of using lighter wood everywhere.

6. Compared to when you started your career in the design industry, how have you seen it change and grow?

Answer: Due to technology, the design industry has changed so much! Clients used to bring in stacks of house magazines for inspiration, now they just show me their Pinterest board or Houzz account. I also used to hand sketch everything, now it is all done graphically!

Lifestyle by Stadler Interior Designer Lori Munn  Lifestyle by Stadler Interior Designer Lori Munn

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